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Data drives app that helps to save South African lives

Topping the data agenda in 2020 is customer experience, making it a key part of most digital transformation strategies. Adam Pantanowitz, Co-founder and Chief of Innovation at Aura, an On-Demand Emergency Response Platform, says that data plays a key role in achieving improved customer experiences.

For Aura, Pantanowitz says, it’s sometimes a fight between life or death: “Using geo-locating technology, we launched Aura to provide security services to anyone feeling unsafe. With an inclusive play in mind, Aura has collaborated with security companies to provide an Uber-like service, dramatically improving the technology used and enabling them to protect anyone who uses the app, regardless of where they are situated.”



Response companies’ vehicles previously used outdated technology such as two-way radios to dispatch, Aura has now embedded technology into these vehicles, which enables them to provide machine-to-machine dispatch.


Pantanowitz says that this means that there is no human involvement required to dispatch a security vehicle to a customer: “This experience is very similar to Uber where the user can see exactly who is responding and their ETA, while the nearest available responder is navigated to the user along the quickest route.”

According to statistics, only one percent of South Africans have access to private security. Using technology and the power of data, Aura has developed software that is inclusive and focused on saving lives and preventing crimes. It also greatly assists the response sector businesses, ensuring that they are able to access far more revenue on their existing cost structures: “Our solutions are affordable and accessible, and address the plight of those who are unable to procure the services of a security company. Using our data-driven technology, Aura’s objective is to utilise the data driven through our network to continue improving the services offered to both security companies and Aura users, all with an aim to save lives,” says Pantanowitz.

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