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If you are a customer of one of these brands, click their logo to sign up and access AURA Services.

or sign-up with of one of these trusted brands to get access to AURA Services 

Lets get started! Learn more about Panic Assistance by Outsurance:

Outsurance logo

Outsurance – Panic Assistance

Panic Assist comes at no additional cost to OUTsurance policy holders. Access Panic Assist via the OUTsurance app.

FNB logo

FNB – GuardMe

GuardMe is a medical and personal armed response service that is with you everywhere you go. Get free access for 3 months for you and your loved ones.

Tracker logo

Tracker – CareGuard

Tracker CareGuard provides on-demand mobile armed response security, at the drop of a pin via WhatsApp anywhere, anytime.

Namola logo


Stay safe, connect and protected with South Africa’s biggest and best mobile safety solution that connects you to private security and medical response services.

Vodasure logo

Vodasure | Response

Vodasure Response provides access to Armed and medical response for you and your lover ones via the VodaPay application
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MiGuard logo


Put your insurance policy in your pocket with a full suite of services.

MiGuard image
Home logo


Cost-Effective Peace of Mind with the Home+ in-app panic button

Home+ mobile app image
safesnap logo


An Intuitive and Reliable Approach to Safety and Security on Your Premises

Secura logo security on the go


Secura connects you to the largest network of armed response companies in South Africa, at the touch of a button.

Project Help logo

Project help

Sign up for Project Help powered by AURA  in a few simple steps  and get access to private emergency services at the touch of a button.


Sign up for Eyerus, Your ultimate personal safety companion. Intelligent mobile, personal safety and security is now available in the palm of your hands.

Trigger logo transparent


Access smart help how with Trigger, the on-demand emergency response services app. 

Uber logo


We’ve partnered with Uber to give both drivers and riders access to emergency response during trips.

Secure me SA logo

Secure me SA

Sign up for SecureMe SA, Your app to a safer life. The next wave of crime, requires the next wave of security.

King Price insurance logo

King Price – Code red

Code red is an app-based service that’ll get the closest armed response car or emergency service to you ASAP when you tap the red button.


Some of our recent client testimonials 

We’re saving lives everyday 

500 000

People already use instant emergency services powered by AURA


Faster response times to security  and medical emergencies


Lives are saved by AURA services each and every month

How an AURA  powered service works 

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You can now access instant emergency response service via these brands and many others that you know and trust.


Push for help

Request help using an AURA connected panic device. Simply tap your in-app panic button and help is on the way.


GPS navigation

Through GPS navigation we automatically connect you to the nearest response vehicle in your location.


Automatic response

With over 2500 response officers and medical personnel on our network, we are able to get you help in minutes. Our technology is automatic.


24/7 control room back up

Our control room is notified of all incidents and will call you to verify the nature of your emergency. Can’t answer your phone? We’ll still send help.


Track the responder

Through GPS navigation, you’re able to track the security or medical response unit as they make their way to you, giving you peace of mind.


Here’s how to access outsurance panic assistance powered by Aura

  1. Download OUTsurance application from the Apple or Google Play store.

  2. Go to Help@OUT on the app

  3. Select “Get Panic Assistance”

  4. Capture a few details

  5. Confirm your details

  6. Test the service to make sure you’re now connected and familiarise yourself with how it works in an emergency


Here’s how to access guardme powered by Aura

  1. Log in to the FNB/RMB Private Bank app on your smartphone

  2. Tap the eBucks tab and then select GuardMe

  3. Capture and confirm your details

  4. Earn up to 100% back on your GuardMe subscription fee


Here’s how to access Tracker CareGuard powered By AURA

  1. Send the word “hi” through WhatsApp to 0861 222 781

  2. Subscribe to Tracker CareGuard

  3. Should you need emergency assistance, just drop a pin via WhatsApp

  4. We will send an emergency request to the five closest responders to your current location

  5. The closest responder to your location will be activated and accept your emergency request

  6. The responder will then be navigated directly to your location

You are also welcome to contact Tracker directly on 0860 60 50 40 to subscribe or for more information.


Here’s how to access Namola

  1. Download Namola from the Apple or Google Play store.

  2. Get started by entering your mobile number and email address

  3. Enter a few personal details

  4. Subscribe to Namola plus and access a free 1-month trial

  5. You’re now ready to access on-demand emergency response services at the touch of a button

Vodasure logo

Here’s how to access VODASURE

  1. Search for VodaResponse in the VodaPay application
  2. Once open, click “Get started”
  3. Add a few personal details so we’re able to locate you in an emergency and click “confirm” to continue
  4. For quick and easy access please set the app icon on your My Favourites service on VodaPay
  5. You’re now able to use the service
MiGuard logo transparent

Here’s how to access MIGUARD

  1. Once you have registered your device on the MiWay app you’ll have access to the MiGuard Panic Button

  2. After signing up for MiGuard cover with MiWay, an SMS will be sent to you with a link to download the MiWay app. You will need to register your device mobile phone/tablet on the MiWay app

  3. If you are an existing MiWay customer or app user, an in-app notification will be sent to you, requesting you to register your devices

  4. To ensure that MiWay receives your panic location – ensure that your location is always enabled on your phone

Home logo

Here’s how to access HOME+ 

  1. Download Home+ from the Apple/ Google play store

  2. Log into the Home+ App

  3. Under “secure yourself” on the home page of the app, select the panic button tile and subscribe

  4. Select the monthly plan, and continue

  5. Agree to the terms & conditions, add your payment method

  6. Submit a few personal details

  7. You’re now ready to use the service!

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Sign up for Secura in a few simple steps

  1. Download Secura from the Apple or Google Play store

  2. Enter your mobile number and agree to Secura’s terms and conditions

  3. Enter the OTP sent to your mobile device and submit

  4. Sign up to an online subscription using your credit card

  5. Select the subscription that best suits your needs

  6. Select your preferred payment method

  7. You’re now subscribed and ready to test the service

Sign up for Project Help powered by Aura in a few simple steps

  1. Download Project Help app from the Apple or Google Play store
  2. Enter your mobile number and agree to Project Help’s terms and conditions

  3. Enter the OTP sent to your mobile device and submit

  4. Enter a few personal details

  5. Follow a few simple onboarding steps

  6. Give Project Help location access to enable you to test the service

  7. Test the Project Help service

  8. Once tested, select the subscription type and select continue

  9. Follow the prompts

  10. Select the membership of your choice

  11. Select your payment method

  12. You’re ready to start using Project Help

Here’s how to access Eyerus powered by Aura

  1. Download Eyerus from the Apple or Google Play store.

  2. Sign up for the Eyerus service

  3. Enter the OTP sent to your number

  4. Enter a few more personal details

  5. Add your guardians

  6. Sign up for the paid service which gets you access to on-demand security and medical response services

  7. Accept the T’s and C’s

  8. You’re no ready to use Eyerus


How to access Trigger

  1. Download Trigger from the Apple or Google Play store.

  2. Start the registration process by entering your mobile number

  3. Select “Send OTP”

  4. Enter the OTP sent to your mobile device

  5. Enable Trigger to access your location & hit continue

  6. Select your Trigger plan

Marketplace | uber-logo

We’ve partnered with Uber to give both drivers and riders access to emergency response during trips.

Riders and drivers can access the safety toolkit by tapping the shield icon on their app’s map screen.

Here’s how to access King PRice

  1. If you feel threatened or unsafe, or if there’s a medical emergency, open up our app and tap on ‘Code red: Tap and hold’
  2. The code red control room will dispatch the closest linked armed response car to your GPS location, and will then call you to confirm the activation and request additional emergency service, like the police or an ambulance, if necessary

  3. The control room and all responding cars will automatically receive your relevant identification and personal information

  4. You’re not covered for any costs charged by any emergency service that’s dispatched as a result of you activating code red