Outsurance clients receive instant medical or armed response services at no additional charge

OUTsurance has bolstered its innovative mobile app feature, Panic Assistance, with the addition of medical support. Now, with just a tap, users can request armed or medical response, wherever and whenever they may need it. The service comes at no additional cost to existing OUTsurance policy holders and is even available to non-clients at a nominal yearly fee.

Danie Matthee, OUTsurance CEO, says, “We are constantly looking for opportunities to innovate,especially when it adds value to our clients’ lives – or in this case, save them. With Panic Assistance, app users get true peace of mind wherever they go in South Africa, knowing that they will get the help they need in a safety or medical emergency, as quickly as possible.”

Behind the feature is powerful technology developed by AURA – a South African company with a vision to make the world a safer place. Put simply, their platform (which fully integrates with the OUTsurance app) connects users to a network of registered armed response and medical response units in real-time. In the case of an emergency, the closest available unit is guided directly to the app user, via their smartphone’s location services.

Warren Myers, CEO and Co-Founder of AURA, adds, “You can think of AURA like ‘Uber for emergencies’ and we’re extremely proud of it. It’s also fantastic that we get to partner with forward-thinking companies such as OUTsurance, where clients are more important than absolutely everything else. The service has already saved lives and all we’re interested in is saving even more.”

Panic Assistance is part of an ever-growing umbrella of digital features, falling under OUTsurance’s overall Help@OUT proposition, available on the OUTsurance app and/or via the My OUTsuranceclient portal on the OUTsurance website.

Matthee continues, “While Help@OUT originally began as roadside and home assistance, we’re pleased to have grown it into a lot more. Beyond our critical emergency services, clients have access to several convenience features to make every day a little easier. In short, we’re all about#OUTovation – and there’s a lot more of it to come.”

To subscribe to Panic Assistance, simply download the OUTsurance app from The App Store, GooglePlay or the Huawei App Gallery and follow the steps to sign up. You can also add up to three friends or family members to your subscription. More information about Panic Assistance can be found here. OUTsurance is a licensed insurer and FSP. Ts, Cs and limits apply. Panic Assistance is available to subscribed OUTsurance policyholders at no additional cost. For those who are not OUTsurance clients, a yearly subscription fee of R199 applies