5 simple methods to ensure your safety with minimal effort

5 simple methods to ensure your safety with minimal effort

We live in a world with so much information and so much to think about all the time. Especially when it comes to our safety. We all know that there are things we “should” be doing to protect ourselves – be it with home security, password security, personal safety, personal information safety, reputation security and even income security – there is a lot to consider and where do we even start?
Our modern challenge is learning how to simplify – breaking it down and remembering the bare essentials. Keep these 5 simple tips in mind to keep your most valuable possession safe – you.
  • Lock it down – physically
There is an overwhelming amount of research indicating that the majority of burglars enter homes through the doors and windows – so most of the time nobody is actually “breaking in” at all.
Start off with the glaringly obvious tip to lock it all down – physically. Lock your doors, zip up your handbag, password lock your computer, close your windows, double check your car is locked and close your garage. Do your part to keep yourself physically safe.

  • Keep your personal information personal
Personal information is one of the most valuable assets anyone can have today. Whether it is your I.D. number, phone number, email address or sexual orientation be mindful of sharing this information too quickly. Don’t give this out so easily – over the phone or in person. Don’t complete the part of the new client form if it is irrelevant or give out your names and gender over the phone without being sure who is asking for it. Giving someone the benefit of the doubt could result in you being the victim of a scam, so treat your personal information as valuable – keep it to yourself as much as possible.

  • Vaccinate – in cybersecurity
We have all seen the increase in cybercrime in recent years but many of the methods to prevent and solve these risks are often seen as inaccessible – either too complicated or expensive. Start simply. Create a password that is not “password” or your name, strong passwords go only way. And then – protect it! Be it with a password manager which is my personal preference or a notebook that’s separate from your devices – keep your valuables in a safe. This is particularly important since we all somehow have millions of passwords for millions of accounts that becomes a juggling act that can be rather tricky to manage.
And of course all the other usual stuff can help too (especially for businesses) like firewalls, protection of hardware and software and network security which are often only appreciated when compromised. But, hopefully not for you.

Back- it-up
For most of us, we have experienced, at least once in our lives, what it is like to lose a cell phone or have our computer crash and it really is the worst. It feels like our entire world of data has been lost and has to be rebuilt.
This is really an unnecessary disruption and inconvenience in a day where backup options are a dime a dozen from external hard-drives to cloud-based backups with automatic syncs, back it up so you don’t have to put on the brakes.

  • Tech-it-up with smart technology
The technology world is the world of the future. With smart technology that allows you, your employees and your clients’ to access private security and medical response services at the touch of a button directly from your smart device, your safety is in your hands and can be accessed anywhere, anytime. That is as low-effort as you can get – tracking your location and automatically sending you help so you can focus on the more important things in life.
The good news is that with minimal effort you can be in control of your safety by just taking a few easy and speedy steps to safeguard your security.

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