Create your own customisable application

Whitelabel application

AURA can create and deploy a fully customised whitelabel app with your required branding. Users are able to immediately panic out of the APP and see which responder is on-route along with their ETA

AURA Customisable Solution

Customisable solution

Looking to enter the security marketplace to offer consumers instant emergency response services? AURA has a fully customisable application that will save you on expensive development costs. The AURA white label application can be fully customised to fit your brands look and feel 


Peace of mind

Rest assured knowing you have access to a nationwide network of private security and medical responders who will reach you faster than they traditionally would, thanks to our smart technology.

Track responders in real time

We identify the closest response unit to your location using GPS, and dispatch them automatically and immediately. Track the security or medical response unit as it makes its way to your location in real-time via your device.

some of our whitelabel clients

Large corporates use AURA to provide their customers and staff with a customisable application that protects them where ever they are  

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Product screenshots

A customisable application that allows you to activate a panic and track the responder on their way to you in emergency situations

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Case studies

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AURA’s security marketplace enhances safety of the Courier Guys Drivers

AURA’s security marketplace enhances safety of the Courier Guys Drivers

Couriers are living in fear for their safety.

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Aura Client

Peter Matthaei


AURA is a great partner in our mission to make professional personal safety accessible to all. Their service works exactly as advertised: send a location and a responder arrives within SLA. They take their service levels seriously, which is invaluable in life-threatening situations.

Aura Client

Charlette Roetz

Marketing Manager - Tracker

Tracker has recently partnered with AURA in a shared initiative to help make South Africa safer. We are delighted with the partnership and are targeting this initiative to make personal safety accessible to all South Africans. The AURA team is a pleasure to work with - they are professional and are always willing to listen while guiding the discussion and providing insights form their experience and specialised skill set.

Aura Client

George Xolo

Falcon Rapid Response

Falcon Rapid Response has partnered with Aura to make On demand security and medical emergency response affordable and accessible to all South Africans! The Aura team is professional and take their work seriously. With crime level Pandemic at its highest, this is the best solution!