“I’ve written this before, and I make no apologies for repeating it, but AURA’s is a model that works best where we can establish partnerships built around a shared service ethic.” Says Alex Booth, AURA UK’s Managing Director.


AURA’s smart technology is not only game-changing because it connects mobile responders with nearby activations in the blink of an eye, but also enables real-time communication with the responder to provide crucial details to support their actions. However, we understand that the actual service of accepting a call-out, proceeding to the scene, conducting a dynamic risk assessment and doing the necessary to secure the situation falls on the shoulders of our response partners.


This is where our partnership with Chris Perry and the team at NVC Security has proved so mutually beneficial. The team at NVC have been picking up growing numbers of call-outs from AURA as the AURA customer base grows, increasing their utilisation per vehicle and creating fresh revenue streams for the business. At the same time, AURA’s customers have benefitted from the rapid response times enabled by the in-vehicle technology and the fantastic on-site professionalism and responsiveness of the NVC responders.


Chris Perry, NVC Security’s Managing Director, has seen the power of the technology first-hand. “I’ve been sure to complete a call-out or two myself to experience the AURA app and properly understand how it works for my team, and I’ve been impressed at how easy it is to use and how effectively it connects the responder with nearby activations,” he said. “And the surge in call-outs coming from the AURA customer base has been a welcome revenue injection also!”


If you’re an SIA ACS security company with mobile response vehicles on the road and you’re looking to generate additional revenue whilst providing a first-rate service to the market, get in touch with AURA at info@aura.services and let’s build a partnership that brings us one step closer to creating a world where everyone is safe.