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Grow revenue, and win and retain customers by offering the fastest response times and an efficient and transparent service, all fully supported by a 24/7 team.

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Win and retain customers by offering  market-leading response times

Generate new and recurring revenue streams

Seamless technology integration into your ARC of choice

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29 minute average response time

1000+ response vehicles across the UK

Seamless integration into ARCs
Automated realtime reporting


AURA’s ringing algorithm automatically locates and dispatches the nearest available security responder on the network, reducing response times and the long delays typically associated with manual intervention


Average response time 

 60 minutes


Relies on old systems and processes

Delayed response times

Reliance on human intervention


Average response time 

 29 minutes

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Smart technology

Auto dispatch


AURA’s smart technology offers industry-leading response times, transparency, and unparalleled peace of mind. Our easy to integrate API and state-of-the-art technology stack, makes providing rapid security response services easier than ever.

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We’re partnering with the best ACS approved security response companies across the United Kingdom

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Aura Client

Graham Tilly  - Risk Security Management

I was first introduced to AURA in 2021 and to be honest, at first, I was sceptical. However, after several meetings and discussions I could see the benefit this has to offer. We have since signed an agreement with AURA and they have been fantastic in terms of mobilisation and ongoing support. We have integrated their service into our existing patrol teams and I have to say it has dovetailed perfectly with our model and allowed us to expand our service offering and increase our revenue streams.

Aura Client

Dave Rawson - StarFM Group

Since working with AURA services it has been like a breath of fresh air. They have been very reactive and also accommodating to make sure our requirements were met and achieved. The service has been fantastic, with great communication from the team and a desire to meet and exceed our requirements and expectations. Would highly recommend and look forward to working together in the future.

Aura Client

Mike Tinton - Blayde Security.

AURA is helping us realise our vision of value-driven security services that are fully aligned with our customers' and clients' needs. The AURA platform is a superior concept that cleverly connects us in a time-efficient, automated manner, automatically selecting the closest responder we have available to the end user and pinging our devices with an alarm call. Our partnership with the AURA platform enables us to do security differently, delivering greater revenue at less cost per call-out due to their efficient design of the platform. A job dispatch with AURA is hassle-free, automated, simple and efficient.


Home Break-In – 2 minute response time

Home Break-In – 2 minute response time

AURA received an alarm activation from a user in the early hours of the morning, reporting a break-in. Help was automatically dispatched through AURA's technology platform, with the nearest responder arriving in under 2 minutes. The security responders found an active home invasion under way and were able to alert authorities, catching the suspects in the act. They were arrested and removed from the property.

Building Break-in – 12 minute response time

Building Break-in – 12 minute response time

On the 12th August 2022, AURA received an alert of a building break-in. The five nearest security response partners were alerted through AURA's technology platform. The closest security responder was automatically dispatched with an ETA of 14 minutes. Help arrived 10 seconds faster than the ETA, catching the trespassers in the act. Police intervention was requested and the suspects were successfully arrested.

User being followed

User being followed

On the 16th October 2022, AURA received a panic alert from an Uber driver reporting that he was being followed and had been trailed for 40km on his trip returning from the airport to drop a passenger at home. Help was automatically dispatched and was 2 minutes out. AURA control informed the Uber driver to navigate to the nearest fuel station where help would meet him to safely escort him away from the area.


AURA partners with Loxal Security in the UK

AURA partners with Loxal Security in the UK

AURA has partnered with Loxal Security, market-leading intelligent digital access control specialist, to accelerate the deployment of Loxal's product range across AURA's growing list of UK monitored sites.

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AURA UK Appoints Alex Booth to lead the expansion of its business

AURA UK Appoints Alex Booth to lead the expansion of its business

AURA, South Africa’s leading security and medical response marketplace, has appointed Alex Booth as Managing Director in the UK.

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Local tech startup AURA expands globally

Johannesburg-based security tech startup and medical response platform AURA has announced that it will be expanding its product offering into the UK market.

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