Loxal Post
The need for security response guards to hold a physical key for a monitored property has long been a blocker for enabling the kind of response times that can actually stop burglaries in their tracks. It’s common sense. If the keyholder is busy or delayed, the response is also delayed. And delayed responses mean increased risk for businesses and homeowners.
At AURA we’re laser focussed on doing everything possible to reduce response times and protect UK livelihoods. Our tech-enabled network of vetted security responders works on the simple premise of automatically connecting the nearest responder to an activation – the nearer they are when the alarm is raised, the sooner they can get there. Think of it as Uber, but with alarmed premises as the ‘passenger’, and security professionals as the drivers.
Keyless access represents the future of effective security risk management, as it enables this very model. That’s why AURA has partnered with Loxal Security, market-leading intelligent digital access control specialist, to accelerate the deployment of Loxal’s product range across AURA’s growing list of UK monitored sites.
Thanks to this partnership AURA customers will benefit from competitively-priced access to Loxal’s cutting-edge range of solutions, resulting in a seamlessly integrated end-to-end response and access experience.
Alex Booth, Managing Director of AURA in the UK, said: “We’re delighted to establish this partnership with Dan and the Loxal team. We’re great admirers of the quality and innovation of their products, and share a vision to bring the best possible customer experience to the UK security market. We’re already able to service 75% of the UK population with sub 30-minute response times, and this number will grow as keyless access establishes itself as the new norm. Everyone, from business owner to homeowner, has the right to expect rapid and preventative security response when they most need it, and partnerships like this are central to us delivering on this mission’.
Dan Delaney, Director at Loxal Security, added:

It was an easy decision to work with Alex and the AURA team to enable their growing customer base easy access to our suite of digital access solutions. We're already seeing examples of sites which typically experienced response times of over an hour now benefitting from the rapid response AURA's network enables since our products have been installed. We're looking forward to a long and successful relationship.

If you’re struggling to get a security guard on site when your alarm is activated, then reach out: adrianm@aura.services, +447768 757403