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emergency response via whatsapp 

AURA has completed a fully global WhatsApp integration which enables your users to subscribe and request instant assistance via text message. Users no longer need to download a new app but can rather use one they’re comfortable with.


leverage an existing platform

Offer your customers and staff the ability to instantly access emergency response services via an application they already know and use without the need to download an application.

value-added services

Looking to offer your customer and staff additional value? An instant emergency response service accessible via WhatsApp is a great way to show customers and staff you care resulting in increased customer loyalty and retention.


Product screenshots

Simply drop a location pin in WhatsApp and security or medical response services will be dispatched 

Case studies

Learn more about how our solution is positively impacting businesses across South Africa

AURA’s security marketplace enhances safety of the Courier Guys Drivers

AURA’s security marketplace enhances safety of the Courier Guys Drivers

Couriers are living in fear for their safety.

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Aura Client

Peter Matthaei


AURA is a great partner in our mission to make professional personal safety accessible to all. Their service works exactly as advertised: send a location and a responder arrives within SLA. They take their service levels seriously, which is invaluable in life-threatening situations.

Aura Client

Charlette Roetz

Marketing Manager - Tracker

Tracker has recently partnered with AURA in a shared initiative to help make South Africa safer. We are delighted with the partnership and are targeting this initiative to make personal safety accessible to all South Africans. The AURA team is a pleasure to work with - they are professional and are always willing to listen while guiding the discussion and providing insights form their experience and specialised skill set.

Aura Client

George Xolo

Falcon Rapid Response

Falcon Rapid Response has partnered with Aura to make On demand security and medical emergency response affordable and accessible to all South Africans! The Aura team is professional and take their work seriously. With crime level Pandemic at its highest, this is the best solution!