instant emergency response via TRUSTED BRANDS

You can now access instant emergency response services via some of Kenya’s largest and most trusted brands and organisations.

lady askari

Lady Askari connects you with Kenya’s biggest and best network of private medical and security response services.

Swift response

Swift Response connects you to the largest network of medical and security response companies in Kenya, at the touch of a button.

ADT Kenya

The ADT Kenya App allows anyone to access instant emergency response services, anywhere, anytime.


Become a premium Supplier today to deliver a smart technology solution that every Kenyan citizen deserves and will benefit from. 

Here’s how to access Lady askari

  1. Download Lady Askari from the Google Play or App Store

  2. Install the application

  3. Capture and confirm your details

  4. You’re now ready to use the service!

Here’s how to access swift response

  1. Download Swift Response from the Google or Apple play store

  2. Install the application

  3. Provide Swift Response with a few personal details

  4. You’re now ready to use the service!

Here’s how to access the ADT Kenya Panic Application

  1. Download the ADT Kenya application from the Apple or Google Play store.
  2. Install the application and submit a few personal details 

  3. Test the application

  4. You’re now read to use the service!