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AURA is a technology platform which enables anyone to access the closest vetted private security & medical response unit to their location, anywhere, anytime, using a connected device. In the event of an emergency, simply hit your AURA powered panic button and the nearest response vehicle to your location will be dispatched.

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 AURA is available via some of South Africa’s most trusted brands including insurers, financial service providers and e-hailing service providers.  To access an AURA Powered service click here

In the event of an emergency, you will activate a panic via an AURA powered service provider. The AURA platform will automatically connect you to the nearest response vehicle to your location.  While you are waiting for response to navigate to your location, the AURA control centre will call you to verify the nature of your emergency. The movements and details of the emergency response vehicle can be tracked in real-time providing transparency and peace of mind.

AURA has built a network of over 250 of the best private security and medical response providers across South Africa. In the event of an emergency, the nearest responder to your location will automatically be dispatched.

AURA has democratised access to emergency response services, making it more affordable, efficient and accessible than ever before.  As a mobile solution to emergency response services, AURA is available anywhere, anytime. With a robust network of over 250 of the best private security and medical response providers  across the country, getting you help in an emergency is now possible in a matter of minutes.

Only while using the app. We align to the latest iOS, Android and Huawei regulations and ask for the user’s permission upfront. This location is essential, though, for us to get to the user’s location as easily and fast as possible.

No, everything is covered in your monthly subscription fee /agreement with your chosen AURA powered service provider.

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